Lauren New Studio!


I need to first say this is not the entire Kindle family! There's one more person (Ian), but this is the preliminary kindle family portrait and the full one coming soon!

Lauren is one of my very good friends who literally grabbed us off the street a week after we moved to Easton. Our mutual families have created some wonderful memories together and you'll find them sprinkled all over this site!

Lauren is a painter here in Easton and has blossomed in more ways than one since I met her. Here is something I've been very happy to be a part of so far. We got together early on a September morning to document the beginning of her new studio.


Feature 1

If you're wondering why she's so excited here, it's because she's lamenting on how she went from painting in a tiny little hallway of her house to having her own studio in a trendy and beautiful alley of Easton, Pa surrounded by other artists.


Feature 2

Morgan is one of the kindle kids who was there to "support" his mom and be part of the overall celebration. Here he's looking at her paintings on the wall and noting which is his favorite.


Feature 3

After a few minutes of thinking, his favorite was the pear, at which I questioned if he was able to eat it after it was painted. I don't believe he was able to participate in the "clean up".

Nell is a spirited little girl who loves reading and clearly giving the peace sign. As a mother, I know how difficult it can be to get something done without feeling like you're spinning out of control. These two might be a handful sometimes but they are so inspiring and I know for a fact my daughter enjoys spending many adventurous time with them.

I can’t believe I have my own studio!!! Here I am feeling so amazingly lucky...
— lauren

"It's like a dream!  I don't have to rush, to stress about "pounding out" a successful, "sell-able" painting in the short time I have a babysitter.  Instead, I can take my time, I can pause, I can think, I can potter around my studio.  I can play!  I can make little sketches!  I can daydream!  I can allow it all to happen naturally, without forcing it.  What a slow, sensual, and loving approach to painting this will be!  I'm filled with sweet anticipation and gratitude!"

From drama to smiles, it was a morning well spent with the Kindle kids and Lauren.


And so Lauren, I'm so happy for you that you have your own studio! That look to the right there explains it all. From one mother/artist/person/woman to another, I hope more of your dreams continue to come true and can't wait to see what's coming next for you!