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Esther Hiamang a little background about me first; i didn’t grow up with a television, or camera, or much technology really until I was eight. 

I was born in what was a what was at the time and still is a little town in Zambia; I was then raised in South Africa, Nigeria, and Ghana.

My imagination blew up when I received a camera at the age of 13. To be able to photograph people and capture different moments is for me like writing a visual narrative that will always be true. Those moments will always be true and stay in that time and moment. 

Growing up in many countries and having the opportunity to have been a part of the diverse cultures has and is teaching me that life is beautiful in all it’s chaos, struggles, laughter, tears, jubilations and most importantly —> passions. Photography is mine and that’s also what using my camera is about to me. Capturing your passions and your smiles and tears and laughter and losses and gains, everything!


“There’s always tears and laughter, always a bit of panic and silliness. That’s what I love to capture about these moments.”
— Esther Hiamang, owner and operator of EH Photography

Esteban Abdala


I feel the best portrait photos come from the intimacy and the knowledge of the photographer in how they capture each person's essence; in how I document the moment and the space of the occasion. 

When I'm taking photos, I figure out how to read and seize those gestures. Photography is a language and when I'm shooting, I'm looking to communicate feelings, and moments.

I am one of the few photographers I know who still shoots and develops film; it was my first love and I find the results beautiful and captivating. You get that nostalgic vintage look that spoke so well of the early era of photography. You can see some of my film work work here and here.

If you'd like to have your photos done in film, please feel free to ask me any questions.

“I think art cures wounds, open minds and it’s a phenomenon that helps a lot concerning education. We need to develop that if we are thinking of a future with people full of awareness and respect for themselves and others.”
— Esteban Torres, photographer and videographer

When you consider many people celebrating an occasion, we are given the reason to believe that life IS more than the sum of it's parts. You are more than the sum of your parts!

Thank you for stopping by and remember that life is beautiful, all of it, so capture it!